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I need feminism because my self worth is constantly defined by the type of clothes I wear.

stop dressing like a slut and you won’t be treated like one

And thats why we need feminism, join us next week to read about how that guy is single

Not only women are treated a certain way due to the clothes they wear and if you think they are the only ones then you are either blind or don’t care.

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Mm, my whole point for the last seven or eight months was just proven.

Why did I waste all that time. On someone else who was no different.


and that’s when I figured out that you don’t really love me. you have some perception of me that’s wonderful and a happier me may have fit. but when I started getting sick again, you didn’t want me for me anymore. you were frustrated and unhappy and didn’t even want me anymore. you loved and wanted what you believed I should be, and that’s why you stayed.

No. As usual you’ve got it all wrong. I realized that you were selfish. You want only what is good for yourself and in a relationship that doesn’t work. I realized that you wanted to go off on your own and not consider me in your future. That you hadn’t considered how that might make me feel when all I wanted was for us to start a life together, to take care of one another, to wake up next to one another every morning. But instead. You had other plans. Other ideas. All you thought about was you. And that’s fine. But don’t expect me to hang around while you take care of only yourself but expect me to try and take care of you too. I got so tired of arguing all this because you just say the same stuff every time and paint a picture with you as the victim and with you as the only one who matters. So if I even mattered to you. You’d be doing something about it. But you’d rather feel sorry for yourself and want everyone else to do the same. And then trying to act like I didn’t care about you or that you were having problems so I just left. Don’t ever give me that crap. You can lie awake at night and tell yourself that all you want but it will never make it true. I cared about you and loved you and I still do. But if I ever want to get through all my troubles alive, I can’t keep having you put me down. I need someone who will be by my side and lift me up. Not constantly out me down and make me feel like a piece of shit boyfriend. When I know damn well I am not.

So there.

What you want is for everything to be tailored to you. I am a person with feelings and problems and sicknesses and everything else too and somewhere down the road you completely forgot about that.